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Description of Task   Hours
12/12/06 Placed order for the fuselage kit.  I am going with dual brakes, dual steps, electric flaps and ailerons, and the sliding canopy.
1/10/07 Received notification from Van's today that my fuselage kit will be shipped the week of February 5th.
2/23/07 Received my fuselage kit today!  Two big boxes in perfect condition.  Freight from Aurora, OR was $333.00 (for those who wonder about these things).

By the time Lynne got home I had the tops pried off and we both got down to some serious inventorying.  We got all the major kits and odd parts inventoried and I will tackle inventorying the sub-kits later.  There was a lot of packing paper!


2/24/07 Finished inventorying the fuselage.  I started organizing the various parts but can foresee the day when I will spend an hour saying "I wonder where I stashed those attach brackets".  I am going to finish the flaps before starting on the fuselage.
3/30/07 The plans start by having you flute the bulkheads but I will do this as I get to them.  I decided to begin laying out the firewall.  I started by deburring the sharp edges then I laid out the various support angles and gussets.

3/31/07 It took a while but I finally found all the firewall components (other than the pieces I will need to fabricate).

I fabricated the F-601J angles, F-601P spacers and F-601E stiffener and after clamping, back-drilled through the pre-punched holes.  I started with new drill bits and used Boelube on every hole.

I also started fabricating the F-601Z Fuel Pump Doubler.


4/2/07 Clecoed the firewall recess and match-drilled.  Match-drilled the rest of the holes in the firewall using generous amounts of BoeLube in each hole.
4/4/07 Finished fabricating and match-drilling the F-601Z Fuel Pump Doubler to the firewall.
4/7/07 Disassembled the firewall, dimpled the firewall and recess, countersunk the stiffeners.  Scuffed, washed, Alumiprepped and Alodined the stiffeners and brackets.  Primed the stiffeners and brackets.  Clecoed the assembly together and started riveting.  I started riveting the bottom stiffener I could reach with the pneumatic squeezer.

Riveted the F-601K recess and sealed with red RTV.  This will help keep oil and gas fumes out of the cabin.


4/8/07 Finished riveting the firewall.  I clamped the firewall vertically to a board which I clamped to my workbench.  This made riveting much easier.  After riveting one side, I "flipped" the firewall assembly over and riveted the other side.

  F-904 (Center Section) Bulkhead  
4/8/07 Started fabricating the F-904 Center Section bulkhead.  I drilled the holes to 5/8" to receive the SB625-7 snap bushings.

Next, I clecoed the F-904D center section aft sides to the F-904B aft bulkhead.


4/10/07 Match-drilled the rivet holes in the F-904B and F-904D (L&R).  Clamped the F-904G's to the aft Center Section and with spar bolts holding alignment, match-drilled the upper and lower rivet holes.  Took the assembly apart and deburred.  Ground a slight recess in each F-904D to provide clearance for the snap bushings.  Countersunk the F-904G's on the forward side for the flush rivets.  Riveted the edge rivets that could be reached with the squeezer.

Marked the location and drilled the 3/16" holes in the F-633 L&R Control Column Mounts.


4/13/07 Finished riveting the F-904B and F-904D (L&R).  Riveted the F-904G's to the aft Center Section and agree with several other builders that the -14 rivets called out are a little too short.  I realize the rivets are only there to hold the bar in alignment until the main wing spars are installed so I used the rivets provided.  After the two spar bolts are installed, those puppies aren't going anywhere.

I then bolted the F-633 L&R Control Column Mounts to the Center section and used my engineer's square to align.  I clamped each mount and back-drilled to 3/16's.  Disassembled and trimmed per the plans (Woohoo, I shaved off another 1.0004578 ozs!), deburred and bolted and torqued (20-25 in/lbs). 

Note:  I am being very diligent in only using AN365-1032 nuts ONCE ONLY.  If I ever have to disassemble, I discard the used nut and replace with a new nut. 

4/14/07 I spent the longest time today just trying to find the specific bolts for assembling the WD-610 Control Column.  Van's likes to package all bolts, washers and nuts in "assortments".  I decided to take the time and assort them in the hopes this will save me time going forward.  I reamed all the holes and bolted the assembly together then took it off.

I countersunk and installed platenuts on the top flanges of F-904A/B.  Installed the Cover Support Ribs, match-drilled and drilled the snap bushing holes to full size.  Fabricated the F-904M Web Stiffeners and installed the platenuts.  I then installed the platenuts on the Cover Support Ribs and riveted the ribs and stiffeners to F-904A.

I fabricated the F-904J Center Section Spacers and bolted the two center bulkhead assemblies together.  I borrowed the plywood spacer blocks from Ron Russ so I did not have to fabricate them.


  F-705 Bulkhead  
4/14/07 I started the assembly of the F-705 bulkhead by trimming the F-705B Center Section Bar and the F-605C Bar Doubler.  I fabricated the F-705H Spacers.

4/15/07 I spent a great deal of time in lining up the F-705B Center Section Bar and F-605 Bar Doubler with the F-705A Rear Spar Attach Bulkhead.  I have read where many builders had rushed this bulkhead assembly and later on discovered minimum distance problems with the center section bar and rear wing spar.  I measured, checked, re-measured, clamped, re-measured, adjusted, re-measured, re-clamped and finally...drilled.  This baby is dead-on.

I clecoed the F-705D Side Channels, Doublers and Top Channel.  I drilled the right seat belt anchors, clamped and match-drilled the left anchors.  I also trimmed the seat belt anchors that would interfere with the floor ribs.

I looked outside and was surprised to see the rain had turned into snow!  This is the latest date I have seen snow in North Georgia.  I will be off next week for Sun-N-Fun.  Ben Bierbaum and I will be flying a rented C-172K.


4/21/07 Had a great time at SnF.  Hung out with the EAA Chapter 1211 crew.

Match-drilled the F-705.  Disassembled the assembly and deburred.

4/27/07 Fabricated the F-705J angle, F-705K plate and the F-705L shim.  Drilled in assembly with the F-705F Channel, deburred and set aside for priming.  Riveted the platenuts to F-705D Bulkhead Side Channel and drilled the snap bushing holes to full size.

4/28/07 Washed, scuffed, Sanchem treated the F-705 parts then rattle-can primed the parts.  Riveted the seat adjustment supports to the F-705F Channel.  Riveted the entire assembly together.

  Aft Fuselage Bulkheads  
4/28/07 Deburred, drilled snap bushing holes to full size, riveted and primed F-706, F-707, F-708, F-709 and F-710 bulkheads.

4/29/07 Fabricated the bellcrank support ribs and set aside for priming.

Fabricated the F-711 bulkhead and deburred and set aside for priming.  I fabricated the F-712 but still need to finish match-drilling and deburring.  My bandsaw blade is shot so I will need to pick up another one.  There is a lot of cutting required!  I pity those builders who are trying to do all this with a hacksaw.  I'm just about ready for a major priming session.


5/1/07 Washed and scuffed the aft bulkhead parts.
5/4/07 Primed all the aft bulkheads and various angle and stiffeners.

Cinco de Mayo I installed my new 18TPI bandsaw blade I got from Tradesman Woodworking and trimmed the AL bars for F-711 and primed.  Assembled and riveted the F-706 bellcrank support, F-710, F-711 and F-712.  The F-712 required flush rivets on the aft side where the vertical stabilizer will attach so I countersunk and riveted.

Total Hours

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