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I am installing LED lights throughout the aircraft.  I ordered 10 white LED lights from BestHongKong.com.  These LEDs were pre-wired with resisters.  These LEDs will be installed in the inspection panels under both wings.

HID Landing and Taxi Lights
I am working with a vendor to do some R&D on some 50 watt HID lights suitable for aircraft.  Follow my progress in my R&D Section.

I purchased a 12V/15A power supply from Radio Shack. 

I will be using the Bob Archer wingtip antennas for my NAV, Marker Beacon and COM 2.  I will be installing the NAV and Marker Beacon antennas in the right wingtip and the COM 2 antenna in the left wingtip.  I ordered the antennas directly from Bob and saved money.  He is very helpful and graciously offered several good suggestions to insure a good installation.

Heated Pitot
I ordered the Gretz pitot mount from Steinair

I have been looking for a panel labeling solution that would offer engraved labels for all switches and indicators.  The labels would need to be able to be back-lit for night flights.  I found these labels from Aircraft Engravers.

Air Conditioning on a Budget
I have been interested in the Arctic Air ice box air conditioners that have been displayed at Sun-N-Fun as well as Oshkosh for some time but their $500+ price was a deterrent.  Recently, there has been a thread on the AOPA Forums about how to build your own so I decided to give it a try.  $50 in parts and here I am...I cut the top in an old ice chest and installed the fan and radiator.  I still need to buy a couple of adapters and a power plug.  More later...

I finally procured the fitting and 1/2" hose I needed so I was able to finish assembling the A/C. 

Initial testing indicates the radiator as being the wrong design as the fins are too close together and after only a few minutes of operation, the condensation "clogs" the fins and restricts nearly all airflow.  I will try and find a suitable oil or transmission cooler and see if it works better.

Well, I found a transmission oil cooler at NAPA Auto Parts ($25.00) and it installed nicely.  I tested the unit and it works GREAT!  Total cost: $75.00.


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